General information of the Tuthill GlobalGear® series of Gear Pumps – Tuthill

Name: GlobalGear® Process Pumps
Classification: FLOWPRO (Process Pumps, also API676 std.)
Series: Gear Pumps
Molasses pump, high viscosity fluid pump, petroleum refining, recycling oil, tire fuel oil, DO oil, FO oil, polymers, chemical processing, bulk transport pump, asphalt, chocolate and substances Glue,…
Origin: USA
Products are officially distributed in Vietnam by Thai Khuong Pumps


– Pressure up to 150 – 300 PSI (10.3 – 13.8 bar)
– Maximum differential pressure is 100 PSI if liquid <100 SSU
– Temperature 500 – 600° F (260 – 316° C)
– Viscosity from 1,000,000 SSU (220,000 cst)

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