Founded in 1990, Nova Rotors is nowadays a national reference point company for the manufacturing, and selling of the progressing cavity pumps wobble, pumps and flexible impeller pumps.

NOVA ROTORS– Itali brand ayvaz 768x453 Recovered 2
Nova Rotor

Distributed all around world, applied to different sectors, from the waste water treatment plants both civil and industrial, to oenological and food sector, satisfying the most varied demands and application needs.

The firm, located on the feet of Berici hills, is supported by advanced system control able to follow the quality throughout the productive process thanks to a highly qualified staff sensible to the external demands.

NOVA ROTORS– Itali brand ayvaz
Nova Rotor

Nova Rotors, certified ISO9001:2000 guarantees an efficient way of working that obviously reflects in theproduct and in the quality of service in terms of lower costs punctual delivery and best performances moreover can produce pumps with ATEX proof requiredfor thoseapplications in explosion area.

The range is characterized by a big choice of models covering a field of capacity up to 420 m3/h and pressures up to48 bar in order to satisfy the different market needs.

The development of new models together with the customization and innovations created, can evidence the continuous attention that Nova Rotors use with customer.

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